Just before Christmas 2020, the DASH Rides team had a brilliant idea. One of our Brompton Electric demonstrator bikes had just been returned to us and rather than leave it in the office over the break, we decided to lend it out to an e-bike sceptic. To spare embarrassment, we won’t name the individual, but (more).
During the first 2020 nationwide lockdown in the UK, there was a surge in press around the noticeable improvement in London’s air quality (The Guardian). An issue that is often elusive to the naked eye became clearly visible for a short period. Lockdown provided a vision of what could be. In credit to London, data (more).
The use of bicycles has increased significantly in 2020. But while most of us learned to cycle as children, many haven’t owned a bike for years (perhaps decades). So what are your options if you want to get back in the saddle? You can, of course, buy a bike. But they’re in short supply this (more).
The coronavirus pandemic is acting as a catalyst for urban transformation across Europe as city authorities grapple with how to manage urban mobility without risking citizens’ health or inviting gridlock by letting cars flood in. Micromobility and local commerce are being seen as both short and long-term solutions for urban revival in a number of cases. (more).
I live in a tiny village on the North Devon coast. When lockdown struck, it was idyllic; the beaches empty, the skies periwinkle blue without the usual criss-cross of aeroplane trails, the sea crystalline with an edge of white surf that, on a plea from the RNLI, was out of bounds. Enchanting though my daily (more).
Why Do We Need an Office? What form will the office of the future take? With working from home becoming the new norm, many people have expressed a desire to return to the office — the ease of communication, sense of community and of course, after-work drinks. In a previous article, we discussed issues around (more).
With the introduction of facemasks in shops as well as public transport, it’s clear that it will be some time until we are back to the daily lives that we were used to. However, businesses large and small are persevering, with caution of course. Many offices in London are reopening with newly implemented social distancing (more).
With the arrival of the British summer and this week set to be a real scorcher, we’re expecting to see an increasing number of cyclists taking to the roads to make the most of this glorious weather. Following 2019s record-breaking high temperatures, peaking at a staggering 38.7°C at Cambridge University Botanic Gardens on 25 July, (more).
Over the last few months, you will no doubt have read countless articles prophesising the demise of the office as we know it. While everyone has different visions of how our work lives will evolve, the general consensus is that the office will not return to ‘normal’ and working from home will become more common (more).
How are businesses planning to return to the office? As we alluded to in our last article, over the past 4 weeks I and the rest of the DASH team have been interviewing our network and keeping our ears to the ground to understand how businesses have been adapting around COVID-19. These conversations have involved (more).
What will commuting look like in a post-lockdown world? This week we have all heard the Government transition their COVID-19 strategy rhetoric from “stay at home” to “stay alert”, conferring more responsibility onto individuals to use their best judgement and common sense, prioritising the public health emergency over the economic crisis, in going about their (more).
The COVID-19 outbreak has impacted all of us in challenging and unexpected ways. The upheaval on our social lives, work routines and childcare would have been inconceivable just a few months ago. Uncertainty, confinement and inability to visit loved ones are all having impacts on our mental health. These are difficult and unprecedented times. While (more).