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April 23, 2021

TBT – Earth Day 2021

Jamie Milroy, CEO and Founder, DASH Rides

DASH Rides is a London-born, climate-first startup that launched in 2019. The pioneering young founders are Jamie Milroy and David Watkins – reunited childhood friends who saw a gap in urban mobility and are now riding the wave of the e-bike revolution. Jamie started DASH Rides (DASH) whilst working as an Accountant and Economist at PwC and six months into it, he left to go full time with the startup. Fellow founder, COO and childhood friend, David Watkins headed up an engineering team at Jaguar Land Rover before pivoting to the sustainable e-mobility sector with DASH.

“The past year saw a glimmer of positive climate change as the world paused amidst the global pandemic. Yet worryingly CO2 emissions have already returned to pre COVID levels. Globally, transport is one of the largest sources of CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions. Governments have imposed future bans on the sale of petrol and diesel-powered cars, incentivising more electric-powered vehicles, whilst taxing the most polluting vehicles. Businesses too are beginning to accelerate the shift from pump to plug.

As businesses plan their commitment to a green recovery, they have a duty of care to consider how employees can get to work in a cost-effective, safe and sustainable way. E-bikes hold a clear promise: to re-define urban mobility and provide healthier travel. With pressure for organisations to take climate-positive actions at an all-time high, climate-first propositions like DASH Rides’ e-bike subscription service can help power a greener more sustainable future. Each ride is carbon offset by 400%. Through turbocharging the Cycle to Work Scheme, DASH Rides is powering businesses to achieve net-zero.”

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