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November 23, 2022

Brand Focus: AnalogMotion

London-based Analog Motion have been designing bikes for 5 years now, seeing great success with crowdfunding for their early models. Now offering the AMX range with Classic and Step frames, these bikes are seriously impressive and the ideal commuting partner.

Founded on the desire to improve commuting times but maintain comfort, their ethos is to design a bike that people want to ride, rather than have to. The AMX range certainly delivers here, its sleek frame and smart design is attractive, and the 250W motor means you won’t be short of power.

Both bikes weigh just 15.9 kg, made with aircraft-grade aluminium, and feature mudguards, lights, a removable battery, and a carbon belt drive. The motor will assist you up to 32 kph, and operates with a pedal sensor, to deliver you the correct amount of assistance when you need it.

Classic vs Step

Currently Analog Motion carries the AMX Classic and AMX Step. These bikes are specced identically, and differ only in their frame type, with the Step having a step through frame for easier mounting and dismounting. They also differ in the handlebars, where the Classic has a flat bar, and the Step has a ‘moustache bar’ with the grips pointing back towards the rider. See more on the AMX Classic, and AMX Step.

Winter riding

The Classic and Step are designed to be used all year round. They come with front and rear mudguards and LED lights as standard and Schwalbe Big Apple tyres reinforced with kevlar in order to protect against punctures. The hydraulic disc brakes give excellent stopping power, and the bikes upright riding position is specially designed to improve the rider’s awareness.

Battery & charging

The battery on the AMX is designed to look like a water bottle, in order to be more discrete, and since it's removable, you can charge up wherever you want. Analog Motion quotes a range of 44 km, plenty for any commute, and a charging time of 3 hours so you can recharge whilst at work ready for your ride home.

Analog Motion @ DASH

Currently, both AMX models are sold out on the Analog Motion website, making DASH one of the few places where you can access one. With prices starting at as little as £31 per month, which includes theft insurance, on-demand repairs, a helmet and a lock, DASH is certainly the cheapest way to get your hands on an AMX e-bike.

To find out more about pricing see our bike page. Help get your company signed up today and you could be rewarded with up to a year free subscription!

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