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How long does an e-bike battery take to charge?

Charge time will depend on the battery size but in most cases it will take at least 3-4 hours to fully charge.

How often should I charge my battery?

You should charge it as often as you need to, which will depend on how often you use the bike and for how long. Most e-bikes have a battery level indicator so you'll know when you need to recarge. You should try and keep your battery above 80% charge where possible to improve its lifetime.

What is the Cycle to Work scheme?

The Cycle to Work scheme refers to a piece of government legislation that allows employees to have the cost of bikes and related equipment deducted from their pre-tax salary, meaning you can save on income tax and national insurance. There are a number of scheme providers who operate in the UK, each of which connects employees with brands/retailers where they can purchase goods according to the scheme rules.

How does salary sacrifice work?

Salary sacrifice means having money taken from your pre-tax salary. Employees will agree to have an amount taken from their salary and thus are able to save on income tax and national insurance. The idea is that by having money deducted from your pre-tax salary, you reduce your taxable income and as such pay less tax.

Can members of my family use the items I get through DASH Store?

Yes, however there is some conditionality based on the Cycle to Work scheme rules. Provided that your items are used primarily for qualifying journeys (please see the question regarding restrictions on when you can use items to learn more about this) then your items can also be used by members of your family. For DASH subscription bikes, you must be in the same household in order to comply with our insurance policy. Please note that under 14s cannot use an e-bike by law.

What's the difference between subscription and store?

At DASH, we want to get more people cycling, so we've created two key product types to try and appeal to all types of riders.Our subscriptions are perfect for those who aren't ready to commit to buying a bike, or who want a hassle-free, low-commitment option. Every subscription comes with your choice of bike/e-bike, helmet, lock, theft-cover, and on-demand repairs, which means we take care of everything. There's a range of plan options, from as little as a month, meaning you can cycle just for the summer if you wish.Whether you're ready to take the plunge and buy a bike, or are just after some accessories, we've got a full range of items available. With DASH Store, you can browse and place your order all in one place, unlike any other Cycle to Work scheme provider, whilst still benefiting from the income tax and NIC savings.

Are there any restrictions on when/how I can use the items I get through DASH?

According to the Cycle to Work scheme rules, any items you get must be used primarily (at least 50%) for qualifying journeys. A qualifying journey counts as commuting, or any round trip under 20 miles in length from your work place completed on a working day. So this could include things like going to meetings, dropping the kids at school, or popping out to get some lunch. If you work from home, then any journey under 20 miles done on a working day will also count as a qualifying journey.

What is DASH?

DASH is a Cycle to Work scheme, which means that we're able to provide you with a full range of e-bikes, bikes, accessories, clothing and bike parts whilst letting you save 28-47% by having the cost of the items deducted from your pre-tax salary.What's different about DASH is that our online platform is designed to be just like any other online store. You can browse and place your order all in one place without the need for any vouchers.We also have a range of e-bikes and bikes available on a flexible and all-inclusive subscription package. Simply choose your bike and how long you'd like to keep it for, and we'll include a helmet, lock, theft-cover and on-demand repairs.

What is an e-bike?

An e-bike, or electrically-assisted pedal cycle (EAPC) is a bicycle that also contains a motor and battery to provide you with assistance whilst pedalling. It's like getting a little extra push to take the pain out of hills, which allows you to go further without getting too tired or sweaty. In the UK, this assistance speed is limited to 15.5mph — meaning when you exceed this speed, the motor will cut out.

What is the range of an e-bike?

The range of an electric bike will depend on the size of the battery, and other conditions such as weather, terrain, and assistance levels. Generally, you should be able to get anywhere between 30 and 60 miles with most e-bikes.

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Can I sign up without an employer?

Unfortunately the answer is no. In order to unlock the Cycle to Work tax savings, you must be an employee of a DASH registered company.

How do I get my employer signed up?

You can get your employer signed up by referring them here. At the same time, we suggest writing to your HR team or manager informing them that you'd like to use DASH as an employee benefit. If you'd like some help with referring your employer to DASH, please contact us.

I'm self-employed, can I sign up to DASH?

In order to sign up, you must be paid a salary by a company through a PAYE payroll scheme. This is to ensure that you benefit from the Cycle to Work tax savings.

What is the DASH referral offer?

The DASH referral offer is a way for you to get rewarded for referring your employer to DASH. Simply invite your employer here and if they sign up, you could be eligible for up to a year's free subscription or £500 DASH Store credit.

What happens after I refer my employer?

Once you've referred your employer to us, we'll get in touch with them to share some more information about DASH and try to get them onboard. If they successfully sign up, we'll reach out to you with your referral offer code.

How can I redeem the referral offer?

Once your company is signed up, we'll be in touch to confirm that you are the referrer and offer you either a free subscription or store credit. Once you have let us know which you would like, we'll send you a voucher code that you can use during checkout.

My employer's signed up to DASH, but I can't sign in?

If you're sure that your employer is signed up to DASH and you're not able to sign up, then please let us know so we can assist you.

How do I access DASH?

You can access DASH by clicking 'Log In' at the top of this page. Please note that you will only be able to gain access if your employer is already signed up to our platform. If your company is not signed up, you can refer someone in HR here.

What's included with my subscription?

Every DASH subscription comes with your choice of bike or e-bike, a helmet and lock, theft cover (which also includes any damage to your bike), and on-demand repairs. We also carbon offset the bikes by 400%.

How long do I need to commit for?

Our subscriptions are designed to be flexible so you can commit for as little as a month at a time. We give you the ability to extend your stay with us too, so if you sign up for a month at first and decide you like your bike, you can change to a longer plan and get a better price.

What does DASH's insurance policy cover?

Our cover takes care of theft and damages. So if your bike gets stolen, so long as it was locked correctly, we'll process your insurance claim and provide you with a replacement bike. Please note this cover only applies to our subscription bikes.

What if I want to cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your DASH subscription at any time via your DASH account. If you're within your minimum term there will be an early exit fee to pay which will never be more than £150, and in most cases will be more like £108. During the cancellation process we'll ask you how you want to return your bike, and let you know what we expect your end of contract charges will be. These will then be passed to your employer who will process your final DASH deduction.

What happens at the end of my commitment period?

At the end of your commitment period, your subscription will continue rolling monthly until you decide to either end your subscription, or extend/upgrade to a new contract.

What happens if I leave my employer during my subscription?

If you leave your employer and have an active subscription, you will need to return your bike before you leave the business. If your employer has already let us know you're leaving, we'll let you know via email that you'll need to end your subscription.

Who actually owns the equipment?

DASH retains ownership of all equipment provided as part of the subscription, including the helmet and lock. When you end your subscription these items will need to be returned to us along with your bike.

How long does a repair or service take?

How long a repair or service takes will depend on how much work needs to be done. In the case of an on-demand repair, we aim to rectify the issue within 10 working days of you notifying there's an issue. If the bike is unusable, we'll aim to fix it within a week. For a routine service, we'll get in touch in advance to book you in, and the service itself should take an hour or two.

How do I return my subscription bike?

When you end your subscription you'll be asked how you would like to return your bike. You can opt for our courier service or if you're nearby, you can return your bike directly to our offices in W10, London.

How does the carbon offset work?

We calculate the emissions associated with the bike throughout it's life cycle (including manufacturing, charging [for e-bikes], and disposal) and then offset 400% of this amount via verified offsetting projects. This is done on a yearly basis based on the number of new bikes we have put on the road.

Can I change bikes during my subscription plan?

You're able to change bikes once you're outside of your commitment period. Simply head to your DASH account page and click 'upgrade' on your subscription. You can then choose your new bike and we'll be in touch to arrange the swap over. Unfortunately, if you're still within your commitment period, you'll be unable to change bikes.

What helmet and lock is included?

We include a premium helmet (ABUS Macator in black or white) and a sold secure lock from Kryptonite which is rated Gold Standard.

What happens if my bike gets damaged?

If your bike gets damaged you should get in touch with us as soon as possible so that we can advise of next steps. We'll get you booked in with a repair agent who will assess the damage and then arrange a repair.

Where do you deliver to?

We deliver throughout mainland Great Britain, which excludes any islands, Nothern Ireland, and the Scottish Highlands.

What bikes are available on subscription?

We have a full range of bikes available, including both electric and non-electric, folding, cargo, mountain, city, step-through, and everything in between.

How does the store work?

At DASH, we've created a Cycle to Work enabled storefront which allows you to browse and order a range of items, all whilst benefitting from savings of 28-47%. The cost of items you order is split into 12 months and deducted from your gross (or pre-tax) salary, allowing you to save on income tax and national insurance contributions, which is called salary sacrifice. After 12 months, you'll be able to continue using your items at no extra cost.

What items are available on DASH Store?

We have a range of items, from bikes and e-bikes, to accessories (such as helmets and locks), bike parts and tools, clothing (including jackets, shorts, shoes, and everything in between), even pre-owned bikes. We work with a range of brands so there's sure to be something you like in stock.

Can I get a cargo bike through DASH Store?

We have a full range of cargo bikes available, including compact, inline and front-carrying styles.

How much will I save?

How much you can save will depend on how much you pay in tax on your salary. Since the cost of the items are taken from your pre-tax salary, you're able to save on the amount of income tax and national insurance that you pay.

Where do my items come from?

Our store is set up to send your order straight to the brand who supplies your items. They'll then ship directly to the address you entered during checkout.

What delivery options are there?

The delivery options vary between brands. Usually there is a standard option, 5-7 working days, and an express option, 2-3 working days. However, some brands might have other delivery options which will be visible during checkout. If an item has a particularly long lead time, this will be visible on the product page itself.

Do I have to get a bike?

Nope! You can get whatever you like in our store, it could just be a pair of socks.

Is there any spending limit?

There's no spending limit, however all orders will go through your employer for approvals who may reject it if the value is too high. If your employer does reject your order, you'll be sent an email with more information.

Can I exchange an item for a different size or colour?

If you'd like to exchange an item for a different size of colour you'll need to speak with the brand directly. Assuming they are happy to complete the exchange, then that's fine with us. Please note that you will have to pay any costs associated with the exchange directly to the brand.

What is DASH's returns policy?

Any items ordered from DASH have a 14-day cancellation period after your order has been approved by your employer. If you cancel during this window, you will be issued with store credit equal to the value of the item(s) you ordered initially that you can spend on whatever you'd like.

Does DASH insure any items I get through DASH Store?

Only our subscription bikes come with insurance. Any products you order from the store will not be insured by DASH.

Who is responsible for maintenance of bikes?

With the exception of subscription, it is your responsibility to maintain/service any bike or e-bike you get through DASH Store.

Can I use other Cycle to Work scheme vouchers on DASH Store?

Since we are a Cycle to Work scheme ourselves, we cannot accept vouchers from other scheme providers. If you would like to use DASH and already have a voucher, it might be worth speaking to your employer to see if they are able to refund it.

What is DASH?

DASH is supercharging Cycle to Work though its e-commerce powered marketplace, giving employees more ways to access a bike than any other platform along with all the clothing, equipment and accessories they need.

How is DASH different to other Cycle to Work schemes?

DASH is the only Cycle to Work scheme to offer employees: flexible subscriptions, both new and preowned bikes & e-bikes, bike share passes, clothing, accessories, equipment and tools.

What is the Cycle to Work scheme?

The Cycle to Work scheme is a government-backed initiative that encourages cycling for commutes by offering tax benefits to employees.

How does salary sacrifice work?

Salary sacrifice is an agreement you make with your employer whereby you agree to take a smaller salary (give up some pre-tax income). In return, your employer puts that money towards a benefit for you, instead of paying it to you directly.Because your salary is lower, you end up paying less Income Tax and National Insurance (NI) contributions and this makes the benefit cheaper by the amount of tax you save, versus you buying it directly.Your employer also pays less in NI on the sacrificed amount, so it also benefits them.

How do I set up DASH and what will I need?

Head to our "For Companies" page and click "Get Started". Once there, you can book an onboarding call with one of our account managers who will guide you through the onboarding process and answer any questions you might have. We allow 30mins for these calls but typically they take less than 20mins. Ahead of the call, your account manager will be in touch to let you know what's needed, but the basic requirement to set up DASH is your Company Registration Number, which can be found on Companies House.

How long does it take to setup DASH?

With all of the right information, your DASH account can be setup in under 10mins, but typically it takes between 15 and 20mins.

How much does it cost the business?

Nothing! There are no setup costs, admin fees, platform fees or management fees. Unlike other Cycle to Work schemes there are also no upfront costs or financing agreements needed to pay for your employees items - we take care of all that for you.

What do I need to do to run DASH?

Once setup, there are 3 things you will need to do each month:

> Refresh your employee list with any joiners or leavers;

> Approve employee requests;

> Process deductions according to the payroll report we provide.

Can I subsidise the cost for employees and how does this work?

Yes, you can choose a subsidisation allowance thats right for your organisation which can be different across certain cohorts of employees. Our experience shows that contributing just £30/mth leads to a 4x increase in the take up rate. If you're interested in subsidisation then you can discuss this with your account manager during onboarding.

Why should I subsidise the cost of subscriptions?

A small contribution can make a big difference to the take up rate, improving your employees’ health and wellbeing, addressing sustainability and providing a great talent attraction/retention tool.

How does DASH support us with launching out to employees?

We have a range of supporting materials to use for launch (emails, posters, flyers, etc.) that ensure your employees know everything they need to about DASH. This is something your account manager will discuss with you during your onboarding call.

Are there any restrictions on who can work with DASH?

In order to comply with the scheme rules, you will need to pay your employees through a PAYE payroll system.

How much time will DASH take to administer per month?

This will depend on both the size of your company, as well as how many employees use DASH. For most employers, we estimate you’ll need roughly 30 minutes a month to manage DASH.

How do I know how much to deduct from my employees?

Every month, on a date of your choosing, we'll provide you with a deductions report in a spreadsheet format. This report shows all your employees with active DASH agreements and what needs to be deducted from their salary for the month.

What happens if an employee leaves the business?

If an employee leaves the business, unfortunately their hire agreement with DASH will need to come to end. For store agreements, this will involve having to pay the remaining balance on their agreement, following which we will allow them to continue using the items for free under a separate extended use agreement. For subscription agreements, we will contact the employee to arrange collection of the bike from them. If they are inside their commitment period then they will have to pay an early exit fee, calculated as the lower of the remaining payments to the end of their commitment period or £150.

What happens if I have questions?

Every company is allocated to an account manager who will always be on hand to help answer questions. You can also use the chat function from within your account, or give us a call (see the footer of our website for the number).

What happens if my employees have questions?

We have a range of support systems in place so that, should your employees need some assistance, we'll be on hand to help. Employees can access our chat function or support site via their DASH account and they can also drop us an email or give us a call (our contact information is available on our website).

Is DASH a Benefit in Kind?

By choosing DASH and following our processes, we make sure that you provide the bikes in a way which is compliant with the ‘Cycle to Work’ scheme rules, and as such they are not a Benefit in Kind. Please see more information here:

Does DASH need to be included on P11D reporting?

No, DASH is not a Benefit in Kind and therefore does not need to be included on P11D reporting.

How do payments and invoicing work?

As part of the signup process for DASH, you will be asked to choose a 'payroll closing date' on which, we will communicate any employee deduction amounts to you as well as raise an invoice for the sum of these amounts. Payment is then collected via direct debit at the beginning of the following month (usually between the 4th-8th) which means you should have already been able to collect any salary sacrifice deductions from employees before paying our invoice. This ensures that DASH is likely to only have a positive impact on your company's cash flow.

What are the VAT implications?

Don't worry, the VAT implications are not complex and DASH helps you with all of them. If you are a VAT registered business, any employee salary sacrifice deductions are treated as being inclusive of VAT at the prevailing rate and will need to be accounted for as such. This also includes businesses that are VAT exempt, such as insurance businesses. In your monthly payroll deductions download, we will point out any VAT amounts and we would recommend you pass this on to your finance team or accountant. If you are a VAT exempt business, you should still be able to recover any VAT on DASH's invoice to you under the general principle of VAT recovery, of being able to recover input VAT which can be directly attributed to a taxable supply (i.e. the hire of bikes to employees). If you have any questions about this you should speak to your accountant.

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