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Is it possible to get a subscription without a company?

Unfortunately the answer is no. We are a type of cycle to work scheme, which means to be eligible for a DASH subscription, you must be an employee of a DASH registered company.

I'm an employee, how can I sign up?

If your company is not yet signed up to DASH, you can enter your work email on any bike page and we'll be in touch. You will be sent an information pack that you can share with your HR / benefits team. If you're really not sure, ask your manager. Convince your company to join DASH and get up to a year free subscription (terms and conditions apply). DASH is free for the company, contributes to sustainability goals and improves health and wellbeing.

I'm self-employed, can I sign up to DASH?

To be eligible for DASH, you must be paid by a company through a PAYE payroll. This is to ensure that you benefit from the Cycle to Work scheme. We are working hard to open up our services to people who fall outside of this.

I'm a student, can I sign up to DASH?

To be eligible for DASH, you must be paid by a company through a PAYE payroll. Unfortunately this means we can't currently work with students.‏‏‎

I'm a remote worker, am I eligible to sign up?

We like to keep things simple here at DASH, so the short answer is "yes, of course!"

(There's more to it that you don't need to worry about, but if you need some bedtime reading, you can check out the government's legislation here).

Where do you operate and deliver to?

We deliver to your door anywhere in the UK (except the Highlands, Northern Ireland or the Islands).

E-bikes & Equipment

What is an e-bike?

An electrically assisted pedal cycle, or e-bike, is a bicycle that provides assistance when you pedal. This makes it easy to cycle without working up a sweat and makes them a viable substitute for journeys that would otherwise be taken by car or public transport. Depending on the bike and the level of assistance, the battery will typically last between 50-80km (30-50mi). In the UK, e-bikes are limited to 25km/h (15.5mph) at which point the electric motor will stop assisting you. We believe they are the future of short distance travel.

What e-bikes are available through DASH?

Our curated collection covers all your staff’s needs. Our premium brands include Cowboy, VanMoof, Rad Power Bikes, Brompton and Volt. For more information, check out the bikes page here.

What helmet and lock is included?

We include a free premium brand helmet and Sold Secure Gold lock with every subscription.

What is the range of an e-bike?

Our e-bikes can typically go between 20 and 50 miles on a single charge but how far you can go will depend on how much pedal assistance you are using, how hilly your commute is and even the temperature.

How long does an e-bike battery take to charge?

Our batteries typically take between 3.5 and 6 hours to charge from empty to full but this will vary depending on which e-bike you have.

How often should I charge my battery?

Depending on how far you are commuting or using your e-bike, you may find that you don’t need to charge it every day.
However, if the battery charge falls below 40% then best practice is to charge it to around 80%. If you are planning a long-distance ride, then you may want to charge it to a full 100% before you set off. Try to avoid leaving the battery idle for longer than a few weeks without charging it as this can affect its lifespan and try not to let the battery run completely empty.

What happens if my e-bike gets damaged?

Keeping your e-bike in perfect condition will be near impossible so if you do return it with minor scratches or scuff marks, then you will not be charged. However, if there is more significant damage then you may incur additional charges. If you are involved in an accident and incur damage to your bike, this may be covered by our insurance provided DASH is notified in a timely manner.

The Subscription

What is included?

Our subscription includes a premium brand e-bike, a helmet, maintenance and insurance covering the bike for theft, vandalism and accidental damage. Please note punctures are not included in our service.

How long do I need to commit for?

We believe in flexibility and therefore don't do fixed length agreements. Instead we offer 1, 3, 6, 12 and 18 month plans. The longer you commit for, the lower the price and you can increase your commitment at any point to benefit from a lower price. After the end of the plan the subscriptions continue on a rolling basis until you want to return the bike or upgrade for a different model.

What's included in DASH's insurance policy?

Our insurance policy covers theft, vandalism and accidental damage to the bike. What does this mean? If your bike gets stolen or damaged, we will cover the costs. Please note, our policy does include an excess on any claim and there are some terms and conditions that you will need to comply with which we will share with you on sign up.

What if I want to cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time by logging into your account. If you are cancelling your subscription within your minimum term, there may be a small additional charge that will never be more than £150 before tax savings.

What happens at the end of the plan?

Your subscription will automatically continue on a rolling basis until you want to return the e-bike or upgrade for a different model.

What happens if I leave my employer during my subscription?

If you leave your employer during the subscription, unfortunately, we have to terminate our agreement as we are no longer able to collect the salary sacrifice from you. If this happens within the minimum term, there may be a small additional charge that will never be more than £150 before tax savings.

Who actually owns the e-bike?

DASH provides a subscription service and retains ownership of the bike indefinitely. At the end of your minimum term, you have the freedom to upgrade to the latest and greatest e-bikes.

How long does a repair or service take?

With every subscription, you get access to expert support, servicing, and repairs. If you encounter any issues, our team will assist you in resolving them promptly. Our goal is to have you back on the road within 48-72 hours.

How do returns work?

When you’re ready to return your e-bike, we'll send you a bike box and our team will arrange collection at a location of your choice. This is currently charged at £34 (or less depending on your tax band).

How do you carbon offset 400% of the bikes?

We off-set the full life-cycle (cradle-to-grave) of our bikes by 400%. We do this in partnership with the Gorilla Organization, South Pole.

Can I buy an e-bike through DASH?

Unfortunately we do not sell e-bikes. We are a subscription business, meaning you pay monthly for an e-bike (including theft insurance and maintenance). At the end of the minimum commitment, you have the freedom to upgrade to the latest and greatest e-bikes.

Can I change e-bike part way through my plan?

You can only upgrade your e-bike after your plan commitment period has concluded. Having said this, if you really want to upgrade to another e-bike before the end of your plan length, you can cancel your subscription for a small additional charge that will never be more than £150 before tax savings. We have plan lengths in place such that customers can easily try e-bikes, but also benefit from a lower monthly price when they commit to a single e-bike for a long period.


How our pricing works

Our prices are dependant on the e-bike you select, the plan length (see How long do I need to commit for?) and your tax band.

What's special about DASH is that we're structured in a way that enables you to save tax (see How does salary sacrifice work?). To keep things simple, we display all pricing on a net basis, i.e. after the estimated effects of any tax savings. You can think of net pricing as being the amount your take home pay will be reduced by.

Often companies decide to contribute to the cost (which makes it even cheaper for you!). Companies contribute because DASH helps them make progress towards sustainability goals, improve employee health & wellbeing and help attract & retain talent.

How does salary sacrifice work?

Our subscriptions are considered a 'salary sacrifice' employee benefit. Salary sacrifice benefits are where an employee forfeits a part of their salary in exchange for a benefit. In the case of DASH, the benefit is an e-bike subscription. The salary sacrifice is deducted from the your gross salary which means that you will pay less Income Tax and National Insurance.

Is there a delivery / return charge?

There is a delivery cost of £22 (or less depending on your tax band).

When you’re ready to return your e-bike, we'll send you a bike box and our team will arrange collection at a location of your choice. This is currently charged at £34 (or less depending on your tax band).

What is the cost if I decide to cancel during my minimum commitment?

If you cancel your subscription before the end of your plan commitment, there is a small additional charge that will never be more than £150 before tax savings.

For companies

I already have a cycle to work scheme, can DASH work in parallel?

DASH works alongside any existing cycle to work scheme that you may have in place. We want to empower businesses and their employees with more choice and more flexibility.

Why is DASH better than traditional cycle to work schemes?

No cost - unlike traditional cycle to work schemes, we have no drain on budget or working capital unless you want to subsidise.

No admin - our straightforward web application takes 5 minutes to set up and less than 10 minutes a month to manage.

How much does it cost the business?

Our platform is free to set-up with no monthly fees and zero impact on working capital. Many companies decide to contribute to their employee’s subscriptions in order to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability, employee well-being and talent retention. You decide whether you want to contribute and by how much.

What is the typical cost to the employee?

The exact cost depends on the bike, the minimum commitment, the employee’s tax bracket and whether the business is contributing to the cost. You can see detailed pricing on our bikes page here.

How do payments and invoicing work?

As part of the signup process for DASH, you will be asked to input your payroll closing date (the latest day of the month where your payroll team accepts changes to that month's payroll). DASH then invoices on your payroll closing date each month for all active subscriptions that existed up to but not including your payroll closing date. Payment is then collected via direct debit at the beginning of the following month (usually between the 4th-8th). This means you should have already been able to collect any salary sacrifice deductions from employees before paying our invoice. This ensures that DASH is likely to only have a positive impact on your company's cash flow.

What are the VAT implications?

Don't worry, the VAT implications are not complex and DASH helps you with all of them. If you are a VAT registered business, any employee salary sacrifice deductions are treated as being inclusive of VAT at the prevailing rate and will need to be accounted for as such. This also includes businesses that are VAT exempt, such as insurance businesses. In your monthly payroll deductions download, we will point out any VAT amounts and we would recommend you pass this on to your finance team or accountant. If you are a VAT exempt business, you should still be able to recover any VAT on DASH's invoice to you under the general principle of VAT recovery, of being able to recover input VAT which can be directly attributed to a taxable supply (i.e. the hire of bikes to employees). If you have any questions about this you should speak to your accountant.

Are there any regulatory implications?

Fortunately the answer is no, we've taken care of all of that for you.

As a company, can I subsidise different employees differently?

Yes, we provide the flexibility to create different groups of employees and subsidise at different rates. An example would be to offer directors a 50% subsidisation rate and general staff a 30% subsidisation rate.

What happens if an employee leaves the business?

Circumstances change all the time and that's why we made our leavers process simple. After notifying DASH through your account, we will calculate the employees final subscription charges including any early termination fees (see What is the cost if I decide to cancel during my minimum commitment?). DASH will then arrange collection of the e-bike from the employee.

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