The zero cost, high impact cycle benefit for your team's financial and physical wellbeing.
Improve team’s financial & physical wellbeing.
Market leading platform. No vouchers.
Zero risk. Zero cost. No financing required.
Tax savings for you and your employees.

Take things up a gear.

An easy to use online platform and no vouchers. DASH takes just 10 mins a month to manage.
With a London travel pass costing £193 on average, our flexible subscriptions offer a great way to save big bucks, even on small journeys.
Research from Sustrans shows that cyclists take on average 2.1x less sick days per year! Plus, exercise releases endorphins which increase mood and productivity.
With easy to manage user groups, you can subsidise at varying levels up 100% to offer your teams even more miles for their money.
If you're a one woman band, Apple, Amazon, or somewhere in between, we love to work with organisations of any scale, anywhere.
The average DASH rider saves over 1.5 tonnes of CO2 each year. This means every rider makes a meaningful contribution to reducing your Scope 3 emissions output.

An easy ride.

From start to finish.

Fully Managed

From employee questions to internal comms, we've got you covered.


Impact reporting makes it easy to track and share your success.

Easy to Use & Maintain

DASH requires just a few minutes a month to manage with our easy to use online portal. No vouchers. No Hassle.

We mean Business.

Looking after you, your data, and your people from day one.

No Capital Outlay

Our smart billing cycle means you're never left paying for items up front.

Quality Assured

Our platform is designed for best in class data security and protection.

FCA Approved

We will always treat your employees fairly and in line with the FCA's code of conduct.

See what's in Store.

We've reinvented cycle-to-work.
Gone are clunky vouchers, cashflow drains, finance agreements and endless questions from confused colleagues.

DASH Store offers a seamless and familiar e-commerce platform which offers a wide range of products from premium brands.
”We were pleasantly surprised to discover how easy it was to start using DASH.  Communication was clear throughout, sign‑up was effortless and our team rave about the experience. We highly recommend partnering with this dynamic, professional company."
Claudia - Manager
”From the clear, informative website to the seamless signup process, our entire experience with DASH has been exceptional. I've even been recommending DASH to other businesses and colleagues."
Alex - Finance Director
”The team were really helpful with advice/sign up, plus there’s a dashboard for both employees and employers to manage everything. Payment is easy, and actually has a positive impact on cash flow. I heartily recommend signing up!"
Laurie - Co-founder & CEO

How We Compare.

We're making light work of Cycle to Work.
Green Commute
Flexible subscriptions
One stop shop
HR, benefits & payroll
No vouchers
Subsidise any amount
Finance teams
No upfront payments
No finance agreements
Sustainability teams
Impact reporting
400% carbon offset


We're here to help
You can find answers to some of our frequently asked questions below.
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I already have a cycle to work scheme, can DASH work in parallel?

DASH works alongside any existing cycle to work scheme that you may have in place. We want to empower business and their employees with more choice and more flexibility.

Why is DASH better than traditional cycle to work schemes?

No cost - unlike traditional cycle to work schemes, we have no drain on budget or working capital unless you want to subsidise.
No admin - our straightforward web application takes 5 minutes to set up and less than 10 minutes a month to manage.

How much does it cost the business?

Our platform is free to set-up with no monthly fees and zero impact on working capital. Many of our customers decide to contribute to their employee’s subscriptions in order to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability, well-being and talent retention. You decide whether you want to contribute and by how much.

What is the typical cost to the employee?

The exact cost depends on the bike, the duration of the subscription, the employee’s tax bracket and whether the business is contributing to the cost. You can see detailed pricing on our bikes page here.

Are there any regulatory requirements?

Fortunately the answer is no, we've taken care of all of that for you.

How does payment and invoicing work?

As part of the signup process for DASH, you will be asked to input your payroll closing date (the latest day of the month where your payroll team accepts changes to that month's payroll). DASH then invoices on your payroll closing date each month for all active subscriptions that existed up to but not including your payroll closing date. Payment is then collected via direct debit at the beginning of the following month (usually between the 4th-8th). This means you should have already been able to collect any salary sacrifice deductions from employees before paying our invoice. This ensures that DASH is likely to only have a positive impact on your company's cash flow.

What happens if an employee leaves the business?

Circumstances change all the time and that's why we made our leavers process simple. After notifying DASH through your account, we will calculate the employees final subscription charges including any early termination fees (see What is the cost if I decide to cancel during my minimum commitment?). DASH will then arrange collection of the e-bike from the employee.