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June 21, 2021

UK Tech News – Tips from tech leaders on how to be your most productive self


“This World Productivity Day it’s important to reflect that being productive is not only related to work. Throughout the past year, we’ve seen just how important health is and we need to invest time in it.

“Before lockdowns, many of us would be stuck on a tube, car, train or bus to commute every morning and evening, which can feel like a very unproductive use of time. We can use the pandemic as a reset button and evaluate how we use our time. Simply swapping the mode of transport we use to commute to and from work can make all the difference. Using an e-bike to travel is an extremely productive way to get around, not only do you get from A to B in a quicker, more sustainable way, you also fit in essential exercise.

“E-bikes offer an easy way to incorporate exercise into your daily routine without needing to disrupt your working day. At DASH Rides, we want to empower employees to hop on an e-bike and be productive during their commutes as well as encourage a healthy lifestyle. We’re proud to be supporting businesses through the Cycle to Work scheme and offer workers e-bikes for less than the cost of a coffee per day.”

Read the original article on UK Tech News.

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