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The salary sacrifice e-bike subscription starting from £29/month.


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The salary sacrifice e-bike subscription starting from £29/month.

Cycling to work has gained popularity in recent years as a sustainable and healthy commuting option. With the introduction of electric bikes commuting on two wheels has become more accessible and enjoyable for many individuals. Read on to explore the pros and cons of cycling to work on an e-bike and debunk the commonly held opinion that cycling on an e-bike doesn’t count as exercise.

Benefits of Cycling to Work

Health and Fitness: Cycling, regardless of whether it's on a traditional bike or an e-bike, offers numerous health benefits. It helps improve cardiovascular fitness, builds muscle strength, and increases overall stamina. 

Commute Efficiency: E-bikes allow commuters to cover longer distances and arrive at their destinations faster. Traffic can easily be navigated and waiting for a bus or train is a long-forgotten misery.

Environmentally Friendly: By opting for an e-bike instead of a car or other motorised vehicle, you can contribute to reducing carbon emissions and air pollution. 

Cost Savings: Choosing an e-bike for your commute can lead to significant cost savings. With rising fuel prices and TFL travel within Zone 1 almost at £10 a day e-bikes (particularly through subscription) offer an economical option. 

Reduced Stress: Commuting on an e-bike can help reduce stress levels. Instead of being stuck in traffic or relying on public transportation schedules, riders have more control over their journey. The fresh air and exercise provided by cycling also contribute to improved mental well-being.

Increased Focus: Cycling to work has more than just an economic advantage, 30 minutes of light exercise a day lifts energy levels and boosts concentration. Helping you to become more productive at work. 

Drawbacks of Cycling to Work

Initial Cost: E-bikes tend to be more expensive upfront compared to traditional bicycles. However, DASH’s affordable e-bike subscriptions remove the initial cost helping you to start saving compared to your current commute from day one.

Weight and Storage: E-bikes are generally heavier than traditional bicycles due to the added electric components. This can make them less convenient to carry upstairs or store in tight spaces, particularly for those living in apartments or lacking dedicated storage areas.

Variable Weather: British weather can often leave a lot to be desired and this can be off-putting when considering riding to work. But remember,  you don’t need to cycle to work every day! You can always go back to your old commute for a day or two.

Does an E-bike Still Count as Exercise?

One common question regarding e-bikes is whether they still provide exercise benefits. And the answer? Yes! While e-bikes do provide some level of assistance e-bike riders on average cycle 96% further when compared to journeys on a traditional bike. Adding rather than taking away from the exercise benefit.


Cycling to work on an e-bike offers a wide range of advantages from financial saving to saving time and reducing stress. Ultimately, incorporating e-bikes into our daily commute can contribute to a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. To help people get cycling DASH offers all-inclusive e-bike subscriptions, Interested? Click here to find out more.

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