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The salary sacrifice e-bike subscription starting from £29/month.


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The salary sacrifice e-bike subscription starting from £29/month.

VanMoof Brand

VanMoof was founded over a decade ago with the goal to make biking so effortless, fun, and easy that it becomes the default way of moving around our cities. The Dutch company was founded in Amsterdam in 2009. As a leading manufacturer of high-quality and stylish electric bikes, the company has won numerous awards over the past few years. 

The VanMoof S3 and X3 have proven exceptionally popular e-bikes that push the limit of design and connectivity. Both come equipped with an automatic gearing system that results in a smooth and agile drivetrain. They have an impressive quoted range of 37 miles to 93 miles, which is before we consider the PowerBank accessory (see accessory section). Hydraulic disc brakes provide refined, confident deceleration and the integrated lights help you stay visible on dark winter days. 

The VanMoof app demonstrates a long list of impressive connectivity features including keyless unlock, ride tracking and bike configuration. The X3 and S3 have a variety of safety features, including a rear wheel kick-lock and remote position tracking.

Here at DASH, the VanMoof X3 and S3 have been strong favourites among our customers. Pricing starts from £51/month and every subscription includes theft insurance, on demand repairs, a lock and helmet. For more information see VanMoof X3 or VanMoof S3.

New Van Moof S5 & A5

The VanMoof 5-Series is the next generation of VanMoof electric bikes that are due to start shipping in December 2022. These have been designed to further the mission of reducing inner city congestion and improving commutes. The 5-Series introduce the Halo Ring Interface which supersedes the existing LED matrix, they come with upgraded 250W motors and new active-retract kick locks

Van Moof S5 vs S3

The next generation straight frame VanMoof S5 is a step forward in terms of overall styling and design. The VanMoof S5 maintains the straight frame geometry of its predecessor, the S3, although now comes with slightly smaller wheels. The S5 introduces the Halo Ring Interface which supersedes the LED matrix on the S3. This simplifies the display and moves it closer towards your eye-line. On the left handlebar, you have a battery indicator and on the right you have speed. The S5 is a natural evolution of the S3, incorporating design and engineering lessons learned from its predecessor. 

You can read more about the new VanMoof S5 here.

Van Moof A5 vs X3

Confusingly the next generation of Van Moof X3 is called the A5. The VanMoof A5 has a lower step through frame than its predecessor, meaning easier access and manoeuvrability. The electric bike has the same major feature upgrades as the Van Moof S5, including the Halo Ring Interface and the active-retract kick lock. Similar to its larger sibling, the A5 is a strong progression in the styling, design and technology of VanMoof’s step through e-bike.

You can read more about the new VanMoof A5 here.


Van Moof has an extensive range of accessories to help compliment the utility of the S3 and X3. The PowerBank is the flagship accessory that gives up to 62 miles extra range for your e-bike. The PowerBank weighs 2.8kg and locks into the frame of your Van Moof. Costing £315 it’s not cheap, but if you suffer from range anxiety or have a particularly long commute, it could be a valuable addition to your VanMoof.

You can easily add carrying capacity to your Van Moof by adding a front and rear carrier. The rear carrier enables you to fit waterproof panniers, a staple for many commuters. Panniers are particularly useful if you don’t enjoy cycling with a backpack.

If you’re planning on doing the school run, VanMoof electric bikes are compatible with a wide range of childseats. The Swedish brand Thule offers an impressive range of premium child seats, accessories and attachments.

Affordable Options

Van Moof doesn't currently offer finance (such as Klarna) as a purchasing option for any of their e-bikes. In the UK, fortunately, there are a variety of cycle-to-work providers that can help make VanMoof a more affordable option to purchase. 

DASH Rides is the most affordable way to start riding a VanMoof, prices start from just £51/month and come with theft insurance, on demand repairs, a lock and a helmet. If you’re interested in a DASH subscription, be sure to enter your details on our bike page.

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