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February 24, 2023

How much could you save with DASH?

Looking to buy a new e-bike? Electric bikes can save you money on travel vs using a car or public transport but they can still be a big investment if buying the bike outright. 

Before you buy, have you considered how much you could save with DASH? Let’s break it down.

Cost of an e-bike

Electric bikes vary in price depending on what you’re after - prices start from just £1,000 for a very basic option up to over £5,000 for specialist bikes. Here at DASH we only stock premium e-bikes that we believe in, we also choose options that are big on quality but not big on price.

Models such as the VanMoof S3, and Cowboy 4 ST are both popular options, with sleek design and premium features such as mobile apps and automatic gearing; when buying outright, prices start at over £2,250. Even entry level options such as the RadRunner, and the AMX range from Analog Motion start at £1,199 and £1,849 respectively.

After purchasing your new e-bike, there’s still the cost of accessories, such as a helmet and a lock to think about, as well as insurance and servicing. When it’s all said and done, you’re looking at a hefty bill for your first year of owning an e-bike.

DASH is the answer

Instead of spending £2,000+ on a new e-bike, why not get an all-inclusive subscription from DASH? Our plan includes everything you need to get riding - your choice of e-bike, a premium helmet and secure lock, as well as insurance and maintenance included as standard.

There’s no upfront costs or hidden fees, and if you like your e-bike, you can extend your plan to get a better price. Or, if instead you fancy a new set of wheels, you can simply upgrade to a new e-bike via our platform - something you can’t do if you buy your e-bike.

Our prices start at just £29/month meaning you could be saving up to £1,500 over 12 months compared with buying an electric bike outright. Choose an affordable DASH e-bike subscription and have the freedom to travel for less.

If you’re interested in checking out what bikes we have on offer, see our bike page.

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