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July 21, 2021

UK technology executives provide insight on the future of work

Back in 2020, the pandemic transformed the way that organisations operated almost overnight. Now, after almost 16 months the government will lift all COVID-19 regulations in England, with the vast majority also lifted in the other home nations. But, what does this ‘Freedom Day’ mean for UK businesses? Free from pandemic restrictions, organisations must now take learnings from their experiences and navigate a safe path for the future of their businesses and employees. Below, senior executives from a variety of technology companies provide insight into what the future of work will look once restrictions are lifted, and tips on how businesses can best prepare for this.

Jamie Milroy, CEO & Co-Founder, DASH Rides

“The message may be one of caution, but Boris has sent a clear signal that businesses can reopen.  Freedom Day won’t necessarily mark a mass return to the workplace, but it does represent an important milestone for organisations and the start of a new era for working post-Pandemic. Businesses must take this golden opportunity to create new practices and policies that align to changing employee expectations and meet the needs of today’s workforce. Building safe and sustainable travel into the heart of back to work strategies will be critical in helping people return safely and confidently.

Our relationship to the daily commute has irrevocably changed. Employees are increasingly calling out for new modes of travel that improves not only their health, wellbeing and productivity but their environmental footprint too. With many UK workers citing the daily commute as a barrier to a full-time return to the office and 82% stating they would like their employer to use COVID as a catalyst to revamp their employee benefits, such as travel or cycle to work schemes, we’re already seeing sustainable travel become central to the future of work. As much of the workforce starts a gradual return to offices, businesses need to have an action plan in place to ensure their people can commute safely, flexibly and sustainably.”

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