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December 6, 2022

Building cycle confidence: tips and resources

As e-bike riders, we all want to feel confident and comfortable on the road. However, it's natural to feel a little anxious or unsure at times, especially if you've had a negative experience or are new to cycling. However, with the right support and advice, you can build your confidence and enjoy the many benefits of e-biking.

Here are some tips for building your confidence on the road:

Practice makes perfect. If you're feeling nervous about cycling, start by practising in a traffic-free area, such as a park or quiet street. This will give you a chance to get used to your e-bike without the added stress of traffic.

Take it slow. When you're first starting out, it's important to go at a pace that feels comfortable for you. Don't worry about keeping up with others – focus on your own progress and build your confidence gradually.

Plan your route. If you're worried about hills or narrow roads, plan your route in advance and choose a route that feels manageable for you. You can also ask for advice from other e-bike riders or local cycling organisations.

Stay safe. It's important to stay safe while cycling, always wear a helmet and use lights and reflectors when riding at night. It’s a good idea to wear bright and reflective clothing as well to ensure you are visible to other road users.

Here at DASH, all of our e-bikes come with lights as standard, and we provide all our users with a helmet included in your subscription cost.

In addition to these tips, there are also resources available to help you build your confidence on the road, and reach out to other cyclists in your area.

Local cycling organisations. Many cities and towns have local cycling organisations that offer support, advice, and group rides. These organisations can be a great source of information and support, and can help you connect with other cyclists in your area.

Online communities. There are also many online communities and forums for cyclists, where you can ask questions, share advice, and get support from others. Websites like road.cc can be a great source of encouragement and inspiration.

Cycling apps. Cycling apps such as Strava can help you plan your route, track your progress, and connect with other e-bike riders. These apps can be a valuable resource for building your confidence and staying motivated on the road.

Building your cycle confidence is an important step towards enjoying the many benefits of using your e-bike. With the right support and advice, and by taking the time to practise, plan your route, and stay safe, you can overcome your fears and become confident, and comfortable on the roads.

If you’re interested in signing up to DASH but are feeling nervous about getting out on the roads on an e-bike, contact us for more information and guidance, hello@dashrides.com.

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