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April 21, 2023

High-quality e-bikes are never cheap, but DASH makes them affordable.

Saving you money

DASH is an all-inclusive e-bike subscription aimed at making cycling more accessible and affordable. Paying monthly enables you access to premium e-bikes without the initial investment.

At the top-end buying electric bicycles outright such as the VanMoof A5 and the Cowboy 4 ST will set customers back thousands of pounds upfront. For many, this provides an impossible barrier to getting up and running on a high-quality e-bike. With DASH, this is no longer an issue. Our prices start at just £29/month meaning you could be saving up to £1,500 over 12 months when compared with buying an electric bike outright.

For many, cycling in urban areas brings with it the added anxiety of theft and vandalism. We give our customers peace of mind with a gold-rated lock and comprehensive insurance built into our subscription. Should the worst happen and your bike be stolen, we’ll dispatch a new bike and make sure we can get you back up and pedaling.

Using Cycle to Work legislation DASH is able to offer electric bicycles at market-leading prices, providing savings of up to 50% against standard market rates. Compared to the average UK commute (link) a DASH subscription could save you up to 500% when compared to traveling by car or public transport.

DASH as the solution

Instead of spending £2,000+ on a new e-bike, why not get an all-inclusive subscription from DASH? Our plan includes everything you need to get riding - your choice of e-bike, a premium helmet, and a secure lock, as well as insurance and maintenance included as standard.

There’s no upfront costs or hidden fees, and if you like your e-bike, you can extend your plan to get a better price. Or, if instead, you fancy a new set of wheels, you can simply upgrade to a new e-bike via our platform - something you can’t do if you buy your e-bike.

Choose an affordable DASH e-bike subscription and have the freedom to travel for less.

To see the bikes we have on offer, check out our bike page.

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