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February 13, 2023

Looking after you and your e-bike this winter

Here at DASH we’re big advocates of winter cycling, the cool breeze and crisp mornings are the perfect setting for an easy cruise to work. We want to help you enjoy your e-bike in the colder temperatures, so we’ve put together a quick list of handy tips for winter riding.

Looking after your e-bike

Give it a clean: The key to a healthy e-bike is regular cleaning, and in the winter, dirt can build up quickly. A wash with soap and water goes a long way, and keeping your chain oiled will ensure your e-bike looks and performs at its best.

Bring it indoors: In the winter, it’s best practice to store your DASH e-bike inside, but don’t fret if this isn’t practical. Proper battery care is essential to keeping your e-bike running smoothly in cold temperatures so when leaving your e-bike outside, remove the battery and take it with you (this can help protect against theft). Then you can conveniently charge up wherever you are! 

If you have a VanMoof e-bike, you’ll need to bring it indoors to charge when the temperature is below freezing - if you do leave it outdoors, just make sure the battery is not completely empty.

Looking after yourself

Take it slow: Safety is always our top priority at DASH, which is why all our subscriptions include a helmet as standard. When riding in cold conditions, it's best to take things slow, especially on slick roads and keeping your lights on at all times ensures maximum visibility to other road users.

Dress appropriately: Keeping warm is key when cycling in winter - don’t let yourself get too cold by wearing appropriate layers for the conditions. Start with a good base layer, a warm mid layer and finish with a weatherproof shell - waterproof trousers are ideal for when it’s raining. Invest in a good pair of winter gloves that are wind/waterproof and don’t forget your feet! Make sure you have warm socks and shoes.

So, there you have it! Don't let the chill stop you, our e-bikes are not intimidated by the winter weather, so wrap up warm and get riding.

If you’re interested in a DASH e-bike, see our bike page.

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