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November 15, 2022

Brand Focus: Cowboy

Belgian based brand Cowboy are fast on their way to becoming a favourite choice of e-bike. Founded in 2017, their stylish range of bikes not only look great, but ride brilliantly as well. Here at DASH, we have the full Cowboy range available - the C3, C4, and C4 ST (with a step-through frame).

With the highest quality at the heart of their business, a Cowboy bike is sure to be a smooth ride. Both the Cowboy 3 and 4/4 ST come with hydraulic brakes as standard and ‘intuitive assistance’, meaning no need for gears as the motor will match your pedalling force. Able to assist you up to 25 km/h, and cover 70 km autonomously, there’s no doubt that a Cowboy bike is a strong choice for all journey types.

Convenient and sleek design make Cowboy bikes a very popular choice, features such as the removable battery - allowing you to charge up anywhere, the Cowboy app - an ideal partner for any ride, and excellent build quality have proved to be customer favourites.

Cowboy 3 vs 4

Replacing the Cowboy 2, the Cowboy 3 comes with vast safety upgrades, including new stronger tyres, and crash detection software. The C4 is designed to be a sporty brother to the 3, with increased torque from the motor (45Nm against 30Nm) and wider tyres. The 4 also includes the new ‘cockpit’ feature allowing you to wirelessly charge your phone on the go.

Cowboy App

Both the C3 and C4/4 ST use the Cowboy app to get moving, with the ability to sense when you’re nearby and unlock the bike for you. The app includes a dashboard, which displays your ride data (such as current speed and distance covered), and navigation to show your route. It also shows your battery life, along with a predicted range so you know when you need a charge. See more on the Cowboy App.


Integrated lights, and mudguards as standard ensure you’ll still be on the road no matter the weather and Cowboy’s custom puncture resistant tyres help keep your wheels turning. The bikes also have crash detection, able to sense if you have a fall and notify emergency contacts. The app also includes a ‘Find my Bike’ function that uses GPS to locate your bike and bluetooth to give a more accurate location.

With DASH, prices start at £53 a month for the Cowboy 3, or £59 a month for the 4/4 ST including theft insurance, on-demand repairs, a lock, and a helmet - so why not try a Cowboy bike? See more on the Cowboy 3, Cowboy 4, and Cowboy 4 ST.

To find out more about pricing see our bike page. Help get your company signed up today and you could be rewarded with up to a year free subscription!

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