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March 22, 2023

UK Cycle Friendly Cities

DASH is proud to announce that our all-inclusive e-bike subscriptions are now available across the UK! To celebrate, we've compiled a list of the most cycle-friendly cities in the country. As cycling continues to gain popularity as a mode of transportation, it's exciting to see how cities in England, Scotland, and Wales are prioritising cycling infrastructure and accessibility.

Bristol takes the top spot, thanks to its comprehensive cycle network and dedicated infrastructure, including segregated cycle lanes. Despite the city's hilly terrain, its efforts to make cycling accessible and safe for riders of all levels make it a winner.

Edinburgh comes in a close second with its well-mapped cycle ways and vast network of cycle routes. The city's commitment to cycling is evident with over 177,000 km of mapped cycle ways and £6 million invested in improving cycling infrastructure since 2019.

Cambridge and Oxford have been known as 'cycling cities’ for a number of years and they share the third spot. The high percentage of cyclists in their populations, coupled with relatively flat terrain, makes them ideal for cycling to work or exploring on two wheels.

Cardiff's extensive bike share program and investment in cycle superhighways landed it the top spot for cyclists in 2020. It ranks fourth on our list as it remains an excellent city for cycling, with scenic cycle routes like the 55-mile Taff Trail from Cardiff Bay to Brecon.

Finally, Glasgow rounds out the list at number five, having made significant strides in recent years. With plenty of bike shops, parking areas, and 912 cycle routes, including signed paths along the River Clyde.

It's worth noting that our ranking isn't the only way to evaluate a city's cycle-friendliness, and individual riders' preferences matter most. Nonetheless, we hope our list provides useful insights into cycle-friendly cities in the UK. 

If you're looking for an easy and convenient way to cycle around your city, check out DASH's e-bike subscription service, available nationwide. Discover our e-bikes here.

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