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The salary sacrifice e-bike subscription starting from £29/month.


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The salary sacrifice e-bike subscription starting from £29/month.

Sustainability is no longer a ‘nice to have’, it’s now imperative. Creating a sustainable future remains prominent on global agendas. As organisations strive for longevity, businesses are looking for innovative solutions to ensure business continuity.

Globally, transport is one of the largest pollutants and the rapid rate of climate change cannot be questioned or ignored. In the past few years, we’ve seen international conglomerates and governments begin to take action with sustainability initiatives and major treaties including the Paris Climate Agreement.

Last year we saw global corporations Microsoft and Google pledge aggressive and impressive climate goals. It’s undoubtedly clear, companies realise the vital role they play in global emission reduction.

Many see sustainability as an afterthought, particularly when starting a business, it can slip through the cracks. With 99% of the UK economy made up of SMEs, there’s no doubt small businesses that incorporate responsible climate-first actions to their core operations, can contribute significantly. We all have an impact and can make an impact.


One of the positives that came out of the pandemic was the possibility of a greener future. National lockdowns and travel restrictions meant a decreased use of mass transportation and with this, we saw CO2 emission levels at an all-time low and even the most industrial cities were greener.

As a result, using public transport has become less attractive and people are exploring alternatives such as e-bikes to get into work. There has been a major surge in demand for popular e-bike brands such as Brompton reporting record sales figures towards the end of September. Recent research found that since the COVID-19 pandemic struck, people are now worried about getting on public transport – 78 per cent of those surveyed are concerned about travelling on buses and 82 per cent by train. With this in mind, as workers are slowly getting back to the office, businesses need to consider how they can accommodate this general apathy towards public transport in a cost effective and sustainable way.

Additionally, the next generation of workers lists company’s CSR practices as a priority in their job search, as such, companies are using green initiatives as a way of competing for new talent. So, at a corporate level, there is a greater focus on green initiatives.


Committing to reducing environmental impact doesn’t necessarily  mean radical change. Businesses need to look clearly at how their operations run and how to cut waste in their everyday activities, with their key stakeholders.

A key part of everyone’s day is the daily commute. Business leaders must consider how to support the shift in sentiment around public transport through offering a safe and cost-effective mode of travel. Micromobility is soaring in popularity, with more people considering electric bikes as a viable alternative to public transport. They make light work of hills and have been shown to be used more frequently and for longer than traditional bikes, as well as helping bridge the gap between the avid rider and beginners.

The main obstacle individuals face is access.  That’s where businesses can really make a difference. A simple Cycle to Work scheme that is integrated into the company wellbeing package,  allows businesses to support employees’ journey back into the office, as well as make a climate-positive action with minimal cost.

With DASH Rides, our mission has always been to help businesses  reach their business sustainability goals by providing a cost-effective solution that allows them to bolster their employee benefits programme. All the groundwork has been set up. Employees can sign up within minutes, accessing our quick and simple e-bike subscription service. What’s more, we carbon offset every bike by 400% – helping businesses achieve net positive, without any heavy lift or interruption to their daily operations.

E-mobility is booming. As more consumers look for alternative transport modes, consumer demand is struggling to keep pace. The countless benefits have never been clearer than ever. Governments have also caught on and are moving forward with e-mobility trials across the country, as the fine details are yet to be established. Now, businesses too need to get on the front foot of this with the help of trailblazers in the e-mobility industry.

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