August 16, 2021

E-bike providers forecast increase in demand post-pandemic

DASH Rides, the e-bikes provider to employers, wants to take advantage of the relaxation of pandemic restrictions and expand across the country.

Founder and chief executive Jamie Milroy said lockdowns left businesses and other organisations shelving moves to offer e-bikes to employees. However, they are now clamouring to offer them in cycle-to-work schemes as office workers return and vaccination rates rise.

Dash is working through the backlog of orders that had built up and Milroy said: “We’re looking to spread our wings over the UK and Europe.”

Take up of e-bikes has proliferated over the past few years and is forecast to account for half of the bicycle market within three years.

However Milory said: “E-bikes are still to have their moment in the sun.”

Elsewhere, bike rental service Buzzbike is looking to take advantage of the pandemic boom in cycling to expand.

Founder Tom Hares said that demand for bikes has been so strong that it has run out of them and is awaiting delivery of thousands more.

Buzz is based in London but wants to expand outside of the capital and already has two cities in mind, he said.

For £29.99 a month, its members get a bike, lock, theft protection, smartphone-based maintenance and a repair ordering system.

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