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October 11, 2022

How to lock your e-bike

With bike theft on the rise, knowing how to lock your DASH e-bike is essential. Research conducted by Laka found that 23.54% of people are worried about bike theft when using a bike as their mode of transport.

Lock it correctly

Every DASH subscription comes with a Sold Secure Gold rated D-lock (sometimes called U-locks). When locking your bike on the street, always lock it to a solid, immovable object which can't be cut or removed. Many people use cable-loops to protect wheels. Avoid the mistake of locking the frame with a cable and using a D-lock as a padlock. Doing this is much less secure as cables are more vulnerable than D-locks.

If you are locking your bike to a lamp-post, ensure that it isn't a short post whereby your e-bike can be lifted over the top and removed.

Where to lock your electric bike in public

It is not a good idea to leave a bike in public for longer than 24 hours, and many insurance companies include this term in their policy. It's also advisable to change the locked location regularly. For example, don't lock your bike outside your office every day as thieves will notice that it's regularly unattended. Where possible, choose a well-lit, heavily trafficked area with CCTV. However, thieves are becoming more brazen in popular places.

How to keep your e-bike safe at home

The best option is to keep your e-bike inside your home. We recognise that this can be difficult, especially in cities where space is at a premium. The next best option is to leave your bike in a communal storage location (a secure location where access is limited and controlled, but not solely by you). In this instance, lock your e-bike to an immovable object as usual. When locking your bike at home, the best advice is to keep it hidden if possible. Whether you cover it with a sheet or bike cover is up to you, but hiding it will keep it out of sight of thieves.

If you are a DASH customer and want to understand more about your insurance policy, you can find more information in the help section of your account.

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