All market-leading D-locks are heavy to carry and can be cut by an angle grinder in seconds....Until now.

LITELOK X1 is armoured with Barronium®, a patent pending composite material that resists angle grinder attack by turning the grinder's energy and force in on itself. It offers at least 5 times more resistance than the best-selling, best-performing D-locks without adding any extra weight. It is permanently fused to a hardened fine-grain high-tensile steel core which provides protection against all other commonly used tools such as bolt croppers, cable cutters, long bars, hammers and chisels.

It is the only full-sized armoured D-lock on the market and contains a host of clever design features that make it easy to use and carry so you can keep your bike secure against the most determined bike thieves.

  • Barronium® fused composite armour repels angle grinder attacks
  • Unique anti-rotation feature protects against twisting attacks and single cuts
  • The natural finish soft plant-based eco-rubber outer layer won't damage your frame
  • Engineered for smooth and quiet operation
  • Quick to affix and remove with our universal ‘Twist & Go’ frame mount
  • Reflective strips keep you safe and seen
  • Unique, innovative self-sealing silicone keyhole cover means you don’t have to remember to open or close your keyhole to keep out dirt, dust and moisture
  • Independently tested and approved by Sold Secure
  • Certified Sold Secure Bicycle Diamond and Sold Secure Motorcycle Diamond
  • Proudly Made in Britain using precision engineering

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    How it works: Pay in 12 Instalments
    • Shop today and pay in 12 monthly instalments through salary sacrifice.
    • Prices shown are the expected reduction in take home pay after taxes.
    • The order will be supplied by Brompton Bicycle Retail Limited.
    • Learn more about payment with DASH
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