DASH 4 Good

One good action
leads to another

Every time someone chooses to cycle, we make the most of it. It’s good for health, wellbeing, personal finances, operational productivity, the environment – and because we carbon off-set every e‑bike by 400%, it’s good for the planet.

All gain, no pain.

“E‑bike users retain 89% of the cardiovascular health benefits gained from riding a conventional bike”.

JMIR Public Health study Nov 2018

Our Partners

For more than two decades, The Gorilla Organization has worked to save gorillas from extinction. Their innovative community-led approach to conservation supports projects include organic farming, tree planting and gorilla-friendly beekeeping. All of these give impoverished communities the opportunity to earn a sustainable income without having to rely on the natural resources found in the gorillas’ forest home.

Healthy body healthy mind

“In a study of 971 participants, 75% of people notice a boost to their mental health after cycling”

Survey by Cycleplan

Our Partners

Created to tackle the global climate and sustainable development emergency that will push hundreds of millions of people into poverty, South Pole enables companies and individuals to account for their unavoidable emissions by buying carbon credits from certified activities that support community development, protect ecosystems or install efficient technology to reduce or remove emissions from the atmosphere.

Fresh air for everyone

“Mass adoption of e‑bikes and active transport in general will play a crucial role in improving the air quality of cities”

David Watkins, COO founder Dash Rides