A radically compact frame, with extra-agile handling for quick getaways.
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37-93 miles
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Get into the detail
We pick the best bikes on the market so you don’t have to.
Full specification
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Industry-first automatic electronic gear shifting gives the smoothest ride ever. With four speeds to flatten every urban incline.
Theft Defence
Effortless to use, useless to steal, onboard alarms and smart location tracking are specially designed to give bike thieves nightmares.
Intelligent Motor
Tuned for maximum power and a natural ride-feel, our new motor runs near-silently even at top speed.
Hydraulic Brake System
Fully integrated hydraulic brakes deliver precision stopping power in all weather conditions.
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Our view
An in depth review from the experts at DASH
VanMoof have taken integration, security and connectivity to the next level with the S3 and X3. The frame houses a 504Wh battery and integrated LED lights. So strong is VanMoof’s commitment to integration that the battery is not actually removable and for most people, charging the bike is likely to involve carrying it into their house or workplace (or anywhere that’s near a charging point). The 250W motor is built into the front-hub while the rear-hub contains a 4-speed electronic gearing system that detects the bikes speed and torque and shifts automatically. The rear wheel can be locked when parked, rendering the bike immovable and setting an in-built alarm that literally barks at any potential bike thieves. This security function works in conjunction with the VanMoof app on your phone to help you track exactly where the bike is at all times. The slick handlebars are equipped with two buttons - the left is an electronic bell which can be selected through the app, the right is perhaps the bikes most fun feature: the turbo. This button provides electronically assisted overdrive to help you safely pull away from traffic or carry you up a steep hill. These features combined with an elegant geometric design make this smart and stylish e-bike one of the very best (and enormously fun) urban electric bikes available on the market right now.


The whole package
With every subscription the following are included free of charge.
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A premium helmet with every subscription.
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A sold-secure gold rated lock that's insurance compliant.
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Expert support, servicing and repairs that come to you.
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Market leading bike insurance covering theft, vandalism and accidents.
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Carbon offset
We carbon offset all of our e-bikes by 400%.


We're here to help
You can find answers to some of our frequently asked questions below.
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What's included with the subscription?

Our subscriptions have been designed to offer you the best possible experience. Here’s what you’ll get:

Theft Insurance: Our leading insurance covers theft, vandalism, and accidents, ensuring that you can ride with peace of mind.
Lock: We provide a Sold-Secure Gold rated lock to keep your e-bike safe and secure when not in use.
Maintenance: Our team of experts offers dedicated support, servicing, and repairs, ensuring that your bike stays in top condition.
Helmet: We provide a premium helmet in your choice of two sizes to help keep you safe on the road.
Carbon Offset: We believe in protecting the environment, which is why we offset all our e-bikes by 400%. This means that you can ride with confidence, knowing that you are making a positive impact on the planet.

When will my bike be delivered?

Each of our bikes has an availability indicator to let you know the expected lead time. Once your subscription has been approved by your employer, we’ll be in touch to arrange the delivery of your bike. If you have any questions or concerns about your delivery, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our customer support team.

How do your monthly plans work?

Our flexible monthly plans are designed to offer you great value and maximum flexibility. Here's how they work:

Plan Length: We offer a range of plan lengths to suit your needs, from one month to several months. The longer you commit, the lower the monthly price. At the end of your plan length, your subscription will continue on a rolling monthly basis.
Extensions: If you're not ready to commit to a longer period when you sign up, don't worry! You can extend your commitment period at any time to take advantage of better pricing.
Upgrades: If you want to upgrade to a different model, you can do so after your minimum commitment period has ended.
Cancellations: We understand that circumstances can change, so you can cancel your subscription at any time. If you cancel during your commitment period, there may be a cancellation fee of up to £150 (before tax). We're not trying to penalise you for leaving early; we just want to reward loyalty and keep our prices low for our subscribers.

How does the pricing work?

What's special about DASH is that we're structured in a way that enables you to save tax through salary sacrifice in line with the Cycle to Work scheme. The displayed prices are the illustrative net monthly cost to you after tax savings (ie. the reduction in your "take home" pay). You can find a full breakdown of our pricing within the hire agreement which you must read as part of checkout.

Can you provide accessories?

Lock: We provide a Sold-Secure Gold rated lock to keep your e-bike safe and secure when not in use.
Helmet: We provide a premium helmet in your choice of two sizes to help keep you safe on the road.

If you are interested in additional accessories for you or your bike, you can browse our range within the DASH Store. Please note that when choosing these accessories, they will be yours to keep after paying for them over 12 months, whereas your subscription bike will eventually need to be returned to us