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Rule the road with the VanMoof S5. Perfect for controlled cruising and longer rides.
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Halo Ring
LED light rings on your handlebars communicate all the information you need clearly within your eye-line, so your focus is never off the road ahead.
VanMoof App
Mount your phone to the handlebars and use the VanMoof app while you’re on the move.
Kick Lock
Forget your bike keys. No, really. With our Kick Lock you can secure your bike with the tap of a toe.
The E-shifter, torque sensor, and Gen 5 Motor work together as an intuitive power system to give you the smoothest, most silent riding experience.
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Our view
An in depth review from the experts at DASH
The VanMoof S5 is a high-quality electric bike that offers a smooth and efficient ride. The bike is well-designed and well-built, with a lightweight and durable frame. The electric assist is powerful and helps to make the ride even more enjoyable. The bike also features a range of convenient features such as built-in lights, a lock, and a display that provides information on speed and battery life.


The whole package
With every subscription the following are included free of charge.
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A premium helmet with every subscription.
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A sold-secure gold rated lock that's insurance compliant.
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Expert support, servicing and repairs that come to you.
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Market leading bike insurance covering theft, vandalism and accidents.
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Carbon offset
We carbon offset all of our e-bikes by 400%.


We're here to help
You can find answers to some of our frequently asked questions below.
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How far can the VanMoof S5 travel on a single charge?

The VanMoof S5 can travel up to 93 miles on a single charge, depending on the riding conditions and the level of assist used.

How fast can the VanMoof S5 go?

The assistance of the VanMoof S5 is limited to a top speed of 15.5 mph, the UK legal limit. You can go faster than this, but your legs will need to do the work!

Can I customise the settings of the VanMoof S5, such as the level of assist?

Yes, you can customise the settings of the VanMoof S5 through the accompanying app, which allows you to adjust the level of assist, suspension stiffness, and other settings to suit your preferences.

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