Go wherever the ride takes you on the beautifully uncomplicated VanMoof S4.
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Full specification
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Gen 4 Kick Lock
Tap to instantly secure the rear wheel and activate onboard alarms
Automatic Shifting
Two-speed automatic gear shifting integrated into the hub
Iron-clad protection
Integrated anti-theft tech, GSM location tracking, tamper detection, and remote lockdown mode
Built to last
Rider-favorite features, rigorously tested tech, and all-new parts
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Our view
An in depth review from the experts at DASH
The S4 and X4 maintain the award-winning frame shapes of their predecessors, the S3 and X3, but have been entirely rebuilt to offer the very best of VanMoof's innovations. Available in Evergreen - these bikes make a bold statement while providing a smooth and enjoyable ride. The e-bikes are packed with VanMoof's iconic technology and features, making them perfect for fast, frequent city rides. Automatic 2-speed gear shifting ensures a seamless transition between gears, while the integrated Gen 4 Kick Lock provides a secure lock for your bike with just a tap. The VanMoof app allows for easy dashboard navigation and keeps track of your speed, ride duration, and distance. The Turbo Boost is a fan favourite for a reason - it provides on-demand acceleration and dynamic motor support, making uphill climbs and speedy commutes a breeze. The S4 and X4 also feature all-new firmware, resulting in an effortlessly intuitive ride experience. Get ready to reclaim your city streets and enjoy the ride on the beautifully simple VanMoof S4 and X4.


The whole package
With every subscription the following are included free of charge.
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A premium helmet with every subscription.
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A sold-secure gold rated lock that's insurance compliant.
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Expert support, servicing and repairs that come to you.
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Market leading bike insurance covering theft, vandalism and accidents.
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Carbon offset
We carbon offset all of our e-bikes by 400%.


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You can find answers to some of our frequently asked questions below.
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What's included with the subscription?

Every DASH subscription comes with your choice of bike or e-bike, a helmet and lock, theft cover (which also includes any damage to your bike), and on-demand repairs. We also carbon offset the bikes by 400%.

How long do I need to commit for?

Our subscriptions are designed to be flexible so you can commit for as little as a month at a time. We give you the ability to extend your stay with us too, so if you sign up for a month at first and decide you like your bike, you can change to a longer plan and get a better price

What does DASH's insurance policy cover?

Our cover takes care of theft and damages. So if your bike gets stolen, so long as it was locked correctly, we'll process your insurance claim and provide you with a replacement bike. Please note this cover only applies to our subscription bikes.

What if I want to cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time by logging into your account. If you are cancelling your subscription within your minimum term, there may be a small additional charge that will never be more than £150 before tax savings.