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Shift your ride, not gears. Ease your path toward the fastest way to move in the city.
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Up to 44mi
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We pick the best bikes on the market so you don’t have to.
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Auto Unlock
The app senses when you're nearby to unlock automatically.
With a powerful first kick, the motor assistance matches your pedalling force for the ultimate riding experience.
Removable Battery
Remove the battery when you need a charge, then be on your way in a snap.
Integrated Lights
Lights integrated into the frame give you always-on visibility day and night.
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Our view
An in depth review from the experts at DASH
One of the best-looking e-bikes on the market, The Cowboy 3 combines snappy handling with a sleek, sporty geometry. The smart power delivery is impressive to say the least. The 250W rear-hub motor and Gates Carbon Belt drive make for an intuitive and natural riding experience while providing 30Nm of torque. Assistance is delivered as soon as pressure is applied to the pedal and the bikes speed and torque sensors are constantly adjusting power delivery as your speed and pedalling change. The 360W/h battery locks neatly into the back of the frame and doesn’t affect the bikes sporty aesthetic. The Cowboy 3 is designed with connectivity at its core. The bike is turned on and off through the smart Cowboy app with other features including Crash Detection, Auto Lock and Riding Data (Avg. Speed, Calories burned, CO2 saved etc.).


The whole package
With every subscription the following are included free of charge.
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A premium helmet with every subscription.
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A sold-secure gold rated lock that's insurance compliant.
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Expert support, servicing and repairs that come to you.
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Market leading bike insurance covering theft, vandalism and accidents.
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Carbon offset
We carbon offset all of our e-bikes by 400%.


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You can find answers to some of our frequently asked questions below.
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How many gears does the Cowboy 3 have?

The Cowboy 3 is single speed. It has an integrated torque sensor which tells the motor exactly when you need more assistance. This removes the need for gears and makes for an exceptionally smooth and uncomplicated riding experience. Whether you are starting from a standstill or riding uphill the e-bike will sense that you need more help, and the motor will provide it.

Can I ride the Cowboy 3 without a smartphone?

The Cowboy 3 is designed to be connected to your smartphone through the Cowboy app. Through the app you can enable features such as Auto Unlock and Crash Detection. You can also view your riding statistics such as average speed, calories burned and CO2 saved. While connectivity through the app is preferred, you can still turn the e-bike on using the Manual Unlock feature simply by removing the battery and reinserting it within 20 seconds.

Why does the Cowboy 3 have a carbon belt instead of a chain?

Carbon belts have many advantages over conventional chains. They are substantially more durable and can last up to four times as long. They do not require any lubrication and therefore are much less likely to pick up associated dirt and grime, and cleaning is as simple as a wipe down with a damp cloth. They are manufactured with carbon fibres running through the core which makes them much lighter than a steel chain but also exceptionally tough. Finally, carbon belts are much quieter than chains. While chain drives are made up from hundreds of metals pieces, a belt drive is a singular and flexible band.

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