DASH is the UK's leading bicycle and e-bike subscription platform. We’re setting the standard for innovation offering equal appeal to businesses and employees through our fleet of bicycles and e-bikes. As a unique Cycle to Work Scheme provider, employers and employees can enjoy the benefits of flexibility and sustainability with the right choice of bike and enabling them to move smarter, faster and cleaner.

Our bespoke packages are built to ensure that we can deliver to each of our customer's and user’s specific requirements. Whether it's to help as an alternative to using public transport, providing a valuable work perk, or simply helping businesses to make transport more sustainable, DASH is the solution.

We operate throughout London and the South East of England and can tailor our offering to a diverse customer base across all industries and scale. At DASH, we’re committed to bicycles and e-bikes playing an essential role in reducing carbon emissions, improving air quality and making cities more liveable.
Jamie Milroy
Jamie Milroy CEO & FOUNDER
I founded DASH as a result of a number of different events and observations coming together; the urge to start my own business, the recognition of how important climate change and sustainability were becoming in the corporate world and the discovery of how inefficient businesses are at moving their people over short distances. At DASH we have a vision of how businesses will behave and act in the future and everything we do is directed to help perpetuate this, helping our customers lower their transport costs, embrace sustainability and improve productivity.

Prior to starting DASH, I was a manager at PwC where I spent 7 years between the Reading and London offices. During this time, I was fortunate enough to gain experience across a number of different service lines, as well as at all scales of corporate activity. Through this I realised my outset objective of obtaining a solid grounding in business, as well as developing what I now see as my key strengths of empathy and curiosity.

Alongside DASH, I serve as a mentor and advisor to Pan N Ice, as well being an associate member of the All Party Parliamentary Climate Change Group.
David Watkins
David Watkins FOUNDER
I've always had a curiosity for entrepreneurship and an interest in future mobility and smart cities, DASH represents a blend of these elements. Prior to completing my MBA at Imperial College Business School, I worked at Jaguar Land Rover in the UK where I developed new products as an engineering manager. I was regularly called on to solve complex technical problems, but my main responsibility was the management of a large project where I led a team of engineers to take a product from concept through to production.