BLOG: Help your teams get back to work with subscription electric bikes

With the introduction of facemasks in shops as well as public transport, it’s clear that it will be some time until we are back to the daily lives that we were used to. However, businesses large and small are persevering, with caution of course.

Many offices in London are reopening with newly implemented social distancing measures, which means staff that have been working from home now have the option to return to work. From our research, we can see that most businesses are giving their staff the choice of either, and whilst it’s not for us to say which is safer or more effective, we do know that one factor that many city-based workers are apprehensive about is public transport.

Commute with an e-bike

Of course, face masks are compulsory on all forms of public transport. But with buses and tube trains in the city getting busier each week, there are wiser alternatives. An e-bike provides a straightforward way for you and your colleagues to commute to and from your place of work without the anxiety of packing yourself into a small space with other people.

Small, monthly payments

Our subscription model is a low cost way to lease an e-bike for a fixed period. This is a great alternative to spending thousands of pounds up front, and we’ll give you and your team access to top brands such Radrunner, Brompton and Cowboy (see more about our products here). Payments can be taken monthly from employees’ salaries, and we can even deliver the bike to their home address.

Cycle to Work scheme, but better

What’s great, is that this isn’t like other Cycle to Work schemes where you’re committed to purchasing the bike outright. And, the cost can be split any way between employer and employee. The model could save subscribers over £600!

Some great extras too

We include third-party insurance, which is really important when moving around a busy city. And because accidents happen, we will repair or replace any e-bike with a problem. We also offer branding, should you wish to wrap your e-bikes and accessories with your company logo.

But most importantly, it’s a fun and green way to commute. By using an e-bike, you and your company will be reducing your carbon footprint and improving employee wellbeing in the process.

Maybe you’re a Head of People trying to figure out how to give your staff the option to return to work without the worry of using public transport, or perhaps you’re a company founder looking for a low-cost perk for your startup. Whatever your situation, we’d love to chat to you about the benefits of using electric bikes to get your workforce back on track.

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